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          About Us
          Chairman’s Message


          You Lei

          As a business platform dealing mainly in non-aviation businesses within the aviation industry, AVIC INTL Shenzhen is “a vanguard for development and a test field for reform.”For more than three decades, we have been committed to the original mission of “serving the country by developing the aviation industry”with the strategy of “serving the country by developing industry and commerce.”
          We have started here at the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. With a market-oriented and international approach to technologies and talents, we have now gone global and become an enterprise with focused yet moderately diversified businesses.

                AVIC INTL Shenzhen takes root in the aviation industry and expands from the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Pragmatism, innovation, and enterprise are our genes and symbols. We have been a trend setter of the times: we produced the first motorcycle helmet, conducted the first paid land transfer, and incorporated the first Sino-foreign retail joint venture in China…In the new era of the internet-based economy, those involved with aviation in the special economic zone of Shenzhen are continuing to deliver the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship characterized by pragmatism, enterprise, and trail blazing. We lead technological development for electronics and information businesses, and strive for endogenous development of the modern service industry, thus taking the lead in innovation and transformation of our own industry.

                It is today an era of sharing. In this age, it is the mission of AVIC INTL Shenzhen to “go beyond business to create a beautiful world.”As an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, we rigorously deliver on our economic, legal, environmental, and social responsibilities to our employees, our customers, our shareholders, our communities, and our country. We sincerely hope to create a symbiotic system and expand the ecosystem with our concerted efforts, common success, and sharing benefits with all social communities, thereby making the life of our employees more comfortable, the life of our customers more colorful, the growth of our partners more quick, the return to our shareholders more abundant, and the world at large more beautiful.