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          About Us
          President’s Message


          Cheng Baozhong

          A sustainable enterprise must create value for its employees, shareholders, and the wider community on an ongoing basis. With the core goal of adding value, AVIC INTL Shenzhen is committed to the people-oriented, lean approach to management for innovation-led growth in two major businesses, namely, electronics and information as well as modern services. We take the initiative to turn “made in China” into “made by China.” Powered by the new internet economy, we are committed to creating new supply from the supply side for the modern service industry of our country, with a view to create a more beautiful lifestyle for our fellow countrymen.

                We have our origin in the aviation industry. In our over thirty year long history, we have never departed from our original goal of “serving the country by developing the aviation industry.”We have all the while strived for excellence in operations and management for the purpose of reviving the aviation industry with outstanding performance. In addition, we have been promoting the civil-military integration in an effort to deliver on the mission and responsibility of such an aviation enterprise.

                Guided by the overall strategy of AVIC INTL and the aviation industry in general, AVIC INTL Shenzhen will empower existing businesses, plan for future businesses, and enrich the momentum of growth by upholding new development concepts and the reform and innovation approach on the pathway to sustainable development characterized by quality and benefits. We will endeavor to be a “pacesetter”in the aviation industry for non-aviation businesses, and become a witness and promoter for the development of relevant industries in China, and therefore make ourselves a socially responsible corporate citizen.