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          Display Business

          • Tianma Microelectronics
            Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd. (Tianma) was established in 1983 and went public in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (000050) in 1995.It is an innovation-oriented technology enterprise that provides display solutions and quick services all over the globe. Tianma focuses on the display market for mobile smart terminals and the professional display market, and owns advanced technology for LTPS-TFT, AM-OLED, Oxide-TFT, flexible display, and 3D display. Its products are widely used on smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wearable devices, vehicle-mounted products, medical products, industrial control, aviation products, smart home furnishing, and many other fields.
          • AVIC Huadong Photo-electronics Co., Ltd.
            AVIC Huadong Photo-electronics Co., Ltd. (Huadong Photo-electronics) is a high-tech enterprise jointly financed by AVIC INTERNATIONAL and the Anhui Huadong Photo-electronics Institute. The company owns the National Special Display Project Technical Research Center, Anhui Modern Imaging, and Display Technology Key Laboratory and some other national and provincial innovation platforms. Since establishment, the company has abided by the concept of “survival on the basis of quality, development by means of innovation.” Its products are widely used in the sea, land, air, and space fields, fulfilling the demands of major national projects while filling industrial gaps by breaking through foreign blockades.