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          For Business
          AVIC Town 9 Square

          • AVIC Town 9 Square
            AVIC Town 9 Square (also known as the Huaqiangbei 9 Square Shopping Center) was opened in December 2015. Designed as a thematic street block, it strives to create an independent commercial space featuring ubiquitous glass curtain walls and therefore to become the first shopping mall in Shenzhen that combines open street blocks with indoor shopping centers. The project is positioned as a one-stop, modern fashionable life experience center integrating shopping, catering, leisure, and entertainment functions for medium-to-high-end customers. In addition, it creates the first LOVEPLAZA in the city in the name of “customizing a stylish life for the young city of Shenzhen.”The facility has become one of the places for rendezvous for fashionable youths in the city in no more than half a year.