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          "Blue Chalk" Rural Teachers Training

          “Blue Chalk,” a not-for-profit rural teachers training project, is initiated by AVIC INTL, an affiliate of China Aviation Industry Corporation (shortened as AVIC), organized by AVIC INTL Kind Fund and co-organized by the Shenzhen Charity Federation, the Office of Shenzhen Project Care, the Education Bureau of Futian District, Shenzhen, and the Education Commission of Chaoyang District, Beijing, etc. It aims to provide free training for primary and secondary school teachers in poverty-stricken rural areas and thereby improve the quality of local education and “generate blood” for education in the mountainous regions by “teaching them how to fish,” rather than simply giving them fish. Since 2010, the project has been implemented for eight years. A large cohort of experienced frontline teachers recruited by the project went into the mountainous areas and took their advanced concepts, knowledge, and pedagogy to their counterparts in the rural areas.